Central heating system flush

Central heating system flush and re-fill with inhibitor

Radiators rust internally producing black iron oxide ‘sludge’. This sludge moves around the heating system blocking pipes, valves and boilers (pumps/heat exchangers/diverter valves). The Helpful plumber can flush the central heating system to remove the sludge and particles that build up in the radiators and pipe work and this can increase your heating efficiency by 15%. We then add an inhibitor which will keep the system rust and sludge free for the next 5 years.

To summarise, flushing your system will:

  • Improve heating¬†efficiency by upto 15% – saving you money on heating bills!
  • Facilitate a warmer home
  • Improved hot water
We recommend that this should be carried out every 5 years to keep the system running in top condition.

  • choose your service

  • Fixed labour price
  • Flush your central heating system
  • Re-fill with inhibitor
  • Increase efficiency by upto 15%
  • Slash your heating bills
  • Remove sludge from the system
  • 12 months warranty
  • Central heating system flush and re-fill with inhibitor

  • ¬£160

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