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Our boiler installations start from as little as £1500 (boiler included!), saving you at least £1000 on British Gas prices. 10 year warranties are provided on new boilers and boiler servicing costs as little as £60!
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We have a fixed price electric shower replacement service. For only £240, we will supply and fit your new shower replacement. We have designed and fitted over 250 bathrooms throughout Birmingham, Bromsgrove and Redditch!


A burst pipe in your home’s plumbing system can cause more than a small headache, forcing you to turn off the tap to your entire home while you frantically try to contact a plumber. Blocked drains and sinks, leaking or broken pipes, and other problems can all cause the same, soggy stress and need to be fixed as soon as possible!

The bigger problem however is that most plumbers won’t come out right away, leaving you in the lurch while you and your family deal with the often nasty situation. That’s why, when your loo is busted in Birmingham, your boiler’s been condemned in Bromsgrove, or leaking pipes are making your life miserable in Redditch, calling a plumber that offers reactive plumbing service is your best bet to get it solved quickly.

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Condemned boilers need to be replaced by a Gas Safe Registered Plumber ASAP

If your boliers been condemned it’s no laughing matter, as it could be leaking deadly carbon monoxide. Oftentimes in this situation your boiler will be labeled as ‘ID’ or ‘Immediately Dangerous and a ‘Danger Do Not Use’ label will be attached.

What’s more, a condemned boiler will usually be disconnected, leaving you without hot water until it’s replaced. Again, this is serious as, if you refuse to have your boiler disconnected, you can be reported to to the Gas ESP, who have the right to enter your home at their discretion to shut off your gas forcibly.

Our 24 hour emergency plumber service will get out to your home quickly, with a variety of new boilers on offer that we can obtain right away. The good news is that, a new boiler will lower your gas bills immediately, as newer models are much more energy efficient.


Blockages anywhere in your plumbing system can make a terrible mess

Let’s be honest, the water that you’re flushing down the loo, draining down the sink or emptying out of the bath is dirty and, oftentimes, quite disgusting.

If that water can’t leave your home due to a blocked pipe, drain or sink, things could get awful awfully quick. Even worse is when, unbeknownst to you the toilet, sink or bath overflow is blocked. This could lead to more than just a mess, especially if it happens when the family’s away as the water (and other nasty stuff) could leak right through the floor.

If this happens, calling a reactive plumbing service is a must! We’re available in an emergency, allowing you to get help in, say, the wee morning hours or late at night, after other plumbers have closed up shop.

Just call us (we’re a 24 hour emergency plumber) and, quick as a wink, we’ll be at your door, ready to fix the blockage and get your home back to normal.

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Burst Bubbles are Fine, but Burst Pipes Can Be a Mini Disaster

A burst pipe anywhere in your home can be a real pain but, if it's between the floorboards or somewhere hard to reach, it can quickly turn into a disaster that floods and ruins part or all of your home. What most people don't realize is that, as wonderful as water can be for washing clothes, doing the dishes and enjoying a nice, hot bath, water can also cause widespread an irreparable damage to wood, gyprock and other building materials, damage that can lead to thousand of pounds in repair bills.


That's why, if a pipe in your home is burst or broken, calling a reactive plumbing service provider is the first thing you should do, so that they come out and fix those pipes before the water leaking (or gushing) out causes major damage.


Blocked toilets can create a sticky, stinky situation

While it's easy enough to turn off the water flowing to a toilet, if its blocked you'll want to get it unblocked ASAP because, well, you can't use it again until that mess is flushed away.

A plumber offering reactive plumbing services is perfect for this, as they can be out to your home straight away, unclog the offending privy, and let you get back to matters that are much less offensive to your nose.

if you need a new boiler, you've got a leaky loo, or a burst pipe in your Birmingham abode, don't cry in your coffee while you wait for a regular plumber to answer the call, call the plumber that offers reactive plumbing services, the Helpful Plumber!


The Helpful plumber is ready to take care of any plumbing emergency post haste, with highly trained Gas Safe Registered plumbers who have all the skills and tools necessary to fix that leak, replace that pipe, service that boiler and unclog that sink. Plus, if your boiler has been condemned but you’re not sure if it’s truly gone or if you’re being scammed, the Helpful Plumber can check it thoroughly and give you a 2nd, professional gas safe registered opinion.

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Thanks to the Helpful Plumber for the quick response to our burst pipe issue. Their plumbing service was prompt, professional, friendly and fixed the issue within 15 minutes.