Helpful Plumber Bath replacement and renovations

Everyone loves a good soak in the bath at the end of a hard days work or just to forget about your problems and relax, over time however – the experience can become less enjoyable as the bath enamel wears down, taps become loose, the bath itself may have began to have a scruffy looking finish that is rougher to the touch than it should be. Whether you want an all in one budget replacement bathroom (white suite) to save you headache, time and money or if you have a design in mind and have already picked out everything you need to create your perfect bathroom – the Helpful Plumber has it covered and we offer 3 excellent options for your bathing needs:

Bath replacement

Need to replace your bath? Tired of searching the internet and calling plumber after plumber and still not any wiser as to what it will cost to replace your existing bath? Here at the helpful plumber we let you know the price before you even pick up the phone! We can rip out and replace your old bath for only £240 (customer supplies the new bath).

Complete bathroom replacement

Our budget bathroom replacement is an economical, quick and reliable bathroom renovation. For only £600 the Helpful Plumber can supply and fit a complete white suite bathroom including brand new:

  • Bath tub
  • Basin
  • Toilet
  • Taps
  • Wastage
The Helpful Plumber will also remove your old bathroom! This is a prefect no hassle service, saving you time, energy and keeping the pounds in your pocket!

The price you see is the price you pay – so take advantage of our excellent fixed price service and know the cost before you call!

Complete bathroom renovation

Take complete control of your new bathroom – the best bathrooms are calming, relaxing spaces where you can forget about your troubles and indulge yourself. Here at Helpful Plumber, we realise and understand that each persons interpretation of their bathroom is different and many people want to be in complete control of their own design and layout.

You may have already chosen your new suite or perhaps Helpful Plumber can help you pickout and design your bathroom and when you’re satisfied that you’ve chosen the perfect components for your new bathroom, we’ll take it from there. No need to ring around – we cover every aspect of your fit, at every stage. Contact us now for a no obligation quote.

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