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Do you have air in your radiators?

How to get the air out of you radiators!

Plumber RedditchAnother day and another tip (where do we get the time?) Noisy inefficient radiators’ are a real pain and worst of all they are wasting your money!!!

If you have standard heating system, ie you have a hot water tank, then you can start at the bottom and work your way up and through the house until you get to the highest radiator (the bathroom towel radiator is the best place as they are taller than standard).

You will also have a bleed valve just after the heating pump (normally in the airing cupboard by the hot water tank) – open this and you can hear if the air escaping. That will make your house warmer and quieter!

Call Helpful Plumber on 07885 403609  and we can drain your system and refill with an inhibitor that can increase efficiency by up-to 15% Happy days!

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