New central heating pump install

Central heating pumps can sometimes fail and may need replacing, one way to tell if your pump has a problem is when the radiators in the upstairs of the property are warm, but the downstairs ones are much cooler. This often means that the central heating pump is not working.

The Helpful Plumber is at your service to take care of all your central heating needs. New heat pumps are far more efficient than they once were (in some cases up to 100% more efficient!), which means that now is a better time than ever to have one of these installed.

If your current heat pump is not working as it should – book a visit today. If you are looking to have a new heat pump installed for some of the reasons above but still aren’t sure what you would like to do, then get in touch with us, as our name the “Helpful Plumber” suggests – we are very, very helpful!