Saniflo Macerator install

Saniflo Macerator Pump Installation and Pipework for Commercial Client

We also work extensively in the commercial plumbing sector

We were recently tasked with installing a Saniflo Macerator and all associated pipework for a commercial client. Maceration is the technical word for waste and sewage.

Maceration, (or a mecerator) is the use of a machine that reduces solids to small pieces in order to deal with rags and other solid waste. Macerators use a grinding or blending mechanism to waste to a slurry, which can then be moved by pumping. This is useful when, for example, water pressure is low or one wishes to install a toilet below the sewer drain pipe.

We also installed all pipework to facilitate the macerator.

Check out the gallery below!

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  • Fitted new Macerator
  • Fitted and created new pipework
  • All this was completed without shutting down production


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