Triton replacement

Triton shower replacement in Redditch

We ripped out an old electric shower and replaced it with a brand new Trtion

We were recently contacted by a client in Redditch that had an electric shower that had recently stopped working.

Initially the client wanted to supply their own shower and just have the Helpful Plumber fit their new electric shower. This isn’t always the best decision though.

Electric showers require electrical feeds, may need some plastering or tiling work when the old one is received. The new shower may not fit exactly where the old one was.

However, when you use Helpful Plumbers electrical shower replacement service, we will  supply the best shower for the job. This will mean there’s no additional cost added.

For £240 we will remove the old one, purchase your replacement and fit it. It’s great value for money and is an incredibly popular service that we supply.

The client was absolutely delighted with the finished product – as are we! Get in touch by calling us on: 07961 604 508 to find out more! Click here to find out more about our shower fitting services.

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