Why get your heating checked out in summer?

Summer is here, barmy nights, barbecues, chilled beverages, laughter, A&E, halcyon days*

Winter seems like a distant mirage, that noisy heating system, the strange kitchen radiator that never heats up, luke warm hot water, boiler roulette, will it work this morning or will I need to swear at it and press the reset 56 times until I have to leave it on permanently for 4 months?**

Until the inevitable breakdown on Christmas eve when your whole extended family are staying, and one especially corpulent uncle will ask this question………… ‘Why didn’t you get your boiler replaced in the summer?????’

Some excellent reasons to fix all those central heating problems in the summer, in no particular order:

  • Major boiler manufactures, Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Ideal, will be offering discounts (supply and demand)
  • You're unlikely to freeze to death in June whilst work is being carried out*
  • 0% deals if you want to finance your new boiler (again supply and demand)
  • Time, the time to choose the right company (Helpfulplumber obviously!), position, maybe you’ve always thought the boiler being in your bed side cabinet is not ideal, so have it moved.

So reasons to get your heating upgraded this summer, there are plenty of them.

Get it checked out before the mad scramble on the first cold night. This will save you money and keep your family safe. But best of all when staying with family this Christmas, when their boiler breaks down on Christmas eve – you can be that uncle!

*This is the UK so barbecues may be restricted to one day

*Real possibility freezing to death in June

**Yes your house is the one with no snow on the roof and tropical plants growing in the garden, it’s not because you’re an excellent horticulturist, it’s because you’re wasting enough energy to have your own eco system. Good for the flock of birds of paradise that hover by your back door but not so much for you bank balance!

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